Good design

Goldenleaf HomesHomebuilding is much more than building a solid residential structure. What makes a house truly a home is good design. Goldenleaf Homes’ owner and developer Tina Pasquinelli begins every homebuilding process the same way: by envisioning the families who will actually live in her homes. 

“It’s about the details, design, color and scale,” explains Pasquinelli. “At Goldenleaf Homes, we always start with the end game in mind. We take into account what the home ultimately will look like and how it will function once individuals put their own touch on it with furniture, art and other personal belongings. Then, what began as a vision becomes a mission for us.”

Homebuilding roots

Tina PasquinelliHard hats are nothing new to Tina Pasquinelli. They’ve been a wardrobe staple for as long as she can remember.

Pasquinelli grew up in the construction industry. In 1956, her father and uncle founded Pasquinelli Homes in Chicago, Illinois. Other family members would later join the business, eventually expanding the company to six states outside of Illinois. By 2007, Pasquinelli Homes had become the fifth-largest privately owned homebuilder in the United States, according to Builder Magazine, with annual revenues surpassing $580 million. 

As an adult, Pasquinelli initially aspired to create and manufacture a line of women’s clothes. She soon realized, however, that homebuilding was in her blood and quickly returned to her homebuilding roots with that same creative eye for design. She has never left. 

Today, Pasquinelli continues to put her own stamp on the custom home building industry as owner and president of Goldenleaf Homes. 

Pasquinelli’s niche in the homebuilding market is, in part, fueled by her love of design and architecture. She envisions the homes she builds as an extension of her commitment to quality craftsmanship and a way to ultimately improve the lives of future families. 

“I really care about the homes that I build and always think about the people who will one day live in them. There’s an excitement in home building – in creating a living space from start to finish and to do it with good design. Anyone can build a structure. At Goldenleaf Homes, we have an added emphasis on design that sets us apart,” Pasquinelli explains. 

Indeed, Pasquinelli brings the “best of the best” to every home building project. From architects to designers, a home built by Goldenleaf Homes means that some of the most experienced and talented professionals in the homebuilding industry have been assembled to bring someone’s dream home to life. 

“We help clients discover a place where creating the home of their dreams is more than just a dream. It’s a reality,” Pasquinelli says.

We reserve the right to change pricing, features, dimensions, architectural details, and design at any time. All dimensions are approximate.